There is No Such Thing as Bad Press.


My first review in print.

It is in one of the big periodicals, Publisher’s Weekly, a journal that goes out to librarians so it is quite an honor to have ink in that publication. And a picture of the cover online. I am a debut author being published by an independent publishing company; it’s a slight chance to even be given a glance. (Thank you PW for taking the time and giving me some notice.)

A friend read the review to me over the phone.

I am in awe of the people of China, their longevity and contributions to civilization; their tenacity and bravery. I know there is a deep pride and love for their country. In a way, they have been celebrating their release from foreign rule since 1900. For a country with a continuous history since the first days of agriculture and a long list of inventions, less than a 150 years is hardly any time at all. It has been a century plus of tumult, to be sure. But there is something special in way of connection for a person born in China to China, an identity, a knowing who they are, a place where their spirit feels at home. I venture to guess that every dissident that has been exiled yearns to return to their homeland. My heart goes out to my Chinese peers, those who ran for their lives after the June Fourth Incident, those who haven’t been allowed to return, even for a visit, in 25 years.

Everyone I’ve met who has been to China and started studying anything about it, gets hooked in. The subject matter is deep, layers upon layers. It became a passion for me for years. I feel honored to share its history in my story.

In the book, there are 18 black and white photographs I took while there; an index; and recommended reading, movies, and music from the book lists. I hand-drew the map.

Library Journal‘s verdict was that it’s a “nice addition to women’s studies readings as it chronicles the kind of travel undertaken with a tattered map and the recommendations of students met on trains.”

Feel free to contact me:  My website has lots of pictures:

If you want to read my story, I’d love for you to order it from your local bookstore and ask your library to add it to their collection. $18.99 softcover ISBN: 978-0-9904251-9-9


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