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“Pilar recalls the wide-eyed curiosity and naivete of a young adult… looking for adventure, independence, and a sense of self.” Publisher’s Weekly

“Fans of ‘Under the Tuscan Sun’ & ‘Eat Pray Love’ will find ‘A Blue Moon in China’ to be a worthy experience.” – Metropolitan Detroit

Library Journal Verdict: “nice addition to women’s studies readings as it chronicles the kind of travel undertaken with a tattered map
and the recommendations of students met on trains.”

Chapters One and Two are available to read on elizabethpilar.com


Hand-drawn Map of my journey

Hand-drawn Map of my journey

A Blue Moon in China is the true story of my two-month odyssey through China in 1988. I was alone. I had just turned 21 years old. I don’t know a word of Chinese. I have $400 in travelers’ checks, securely hidden, along with my passport, in a zippered purse strapped around my waist. All my belongings are in a small backpack.

Once I cross the border into China, I step under the radar and venture off the beaten path. Over the course of two months, I will travel thousands of miles through a foreign and enchanting land. This story comes directly from the journal I kept while there. The people are real people.
The adventure happened as recorded.

 I would love it if you ask your library to add the title to their collection. Right now the paperback is below retail on Amazon, and it’s really easy to order from them. It’s wholesale on Matilda Publishing. The hardcover is wholesale through the distributor Ingram. The ebook will be out soon. Links to buy my book are here.

There are 18 black and white photographs that I took while I was there in the book, an index, recommended reading, movies, and music from the book lists.


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